“The egg,” the Vail Daily writes in a weekend feature, “might be the most diverse food in our diets.” Eggs are in everything–from breakfast to dessert–and they’re pretty much universally loved. But the everyday breakfast food was at the root of a sour scene Sunday at the Double Clutch Café in Evans. Apparently, a man who became furious about how his eggs were cooked wound up in a confrontation with police, and was later shot and killed by officers, according to 9News. After complaining about his breakfast, the man went to his vehicle and then allegedly fired his gun. SWAT officers arrived, and following a long standoff, the man pointed his gun out of his SUV window at officers, according to 9News, which led SWAT officers to shoot and kill him. “They kept yelling for maybe an hour for him to get out of the car, to put the gun down. He wouldn’t do it,” says Ernestine Conaway, who works at the café.