Today’s Democratic National Convention media walk-through began last night with a reception at the Wynkoop Brewery. A few hundred journalists gathered for food and drink and to begin the get acquainted process. Congresswoman Diana DeGette was there to welcome everyone, as was Denver’s ubiquitous lawyer and DNC promoter Steve Farber. The food and drink were plentiful and there were tables set up with free photo books and maps of Denver and copies of a new Denver Visitors guide.This morning, 400 journalists are expected at the Pepsi Center. As Colorado Confidential describes it,

According to DNCC officials, the walk-through will serve as an opportunity for news organizations to become acquainted with the Pepsi Center site and plans for the 2008 Convention.The media will also get an overview of the housing application and hotel room reservation process, the credential application and distribution process, the Convention transportation system, site access and security procedures, media workspace in and outside the Pepsi Center and information regarding DNCC-selected vendors, including telecommunication and exposition services. DNC chair Howard Dean will be joining the festivities at the Pepsi Center for lunch on Tuesday.

Is Denver ready for the August onslaught? It certainly seems so. It’s very evident that a huge amount of work has been going on in Denver for months planning this convention. I think it’s going to run very smoothly. The planners are very aware that it’s not just the 5,000 or 10,000 or so delegates that are coming but probably 25,000 more in media. The welcome mat is being rolled out for all. And a lot of attention is being paid to technological needs.August seems like a long ways off, but I’m already getting excited.