You know who you are: the one who tends to round up when calculating the customary 20 percent tip after you finish your meal. Maybe you’re doing it to impress your date. Maybe you used to be a waiter or waitress and can empathize. Maybe you’re just nice. Or maybe you’re bad at math. Whatever the reason, you’re not alone, according to a new survey by Zagat that finds the recession hasn’t made Denverites any less generous when it comes to tipping. Denver ties for third place among 31 U.S. markets, reports the Denver Business Journal. But don’t pat yourselves on the back too hard. The average tip in Denver is 19.5 percent—less than the 20 percent most etiquette experts recommend. But, on average, nobody is hitting that standard. St. Louis and Philadelphia are tied for first in the survey and tip an average of 19.6 percent on their food bills. The worst tippers aren’t too far behind. They’re in Hawaii and Seattle, tipping an average of 18.4 percent. The poll results were issued with Zagat’s new edition of “America’s Top Restaurants,” which rates Mizuna, Frasca, Fruition, Sushi Den, and Sushi Sasa as the top restaurants in Denver/Boulder.