Ballots for Denver’s upcoming city election won’t be delivered for another couple weeks, and the 10 remaining mayoral candidates will need that time to build their name recognition, pollsters say (9News). Adding to the election-related video library from the race, the Denver Post has posted five-minute recorded interviews with each candidate, and Carol Boigon has released a second television ad, which DenverPols regards as beneficially “negative.” Watch it below.

The tension that builds from calling out other candidates may also play to the advantage of James Mejía and Michael Hancock, who accused Mejía of quitting “on schools and children” during a forum this week, resulting in a volley of smackdowns via written statements (Denver Post). Doug Linkhart, meanwhile, stirred a familiar pot, telling 7News that, if elected, he’ll fire Denver police chief Gerald Whitman for his handling of numerous police brutality allegations.

Despite the strong language, the race for Colorado Springs mayor has produced the most scandalous headline this week, with one candidate’s ex-wife alleging prior physical abuse (Gazette).