I made a really stupid move last night. Literally. While hanging out at one of my favorite local haunts — Charlie Brown’s piano bar — a mellow, neighborhood joint where everyone gathers around to sing along with Patricks’ piano tunes, I managed to get seriously injured.

One of the regulars brought in his violin to join Patrick for a round of Irish songs, and I hopped up from my stool to dance a little jig with one of the other gals at the piano. Then my stupid stiletto boot heel caught on the carpet, my body went left, my foot stayed put, and my ankle rolled hard and snapped. I was fairly certain when I heard the pop that I was looking at a broken ankle, and sure enough, sitting in the ER at 1 a.m. this morning, the x-rays confirmed it. Ouch.

And just to add insult to injury, my husband went to retrieve my car in the wee hours of last night once I was home, and we had a $100 parking ticket waiting for us.

Of course, Charlie Brown’s being the friendly hangout that it is, I’ve received lots of phone calls all day today to check in on me. Aside from feeling like a major dork for managing to break my ankle at the local bar, that really has made me feel better.

Obviously this has put the brakes on all my plans for the coming weekend and the many Monster Mash events I wanted to attend. Unless…any ideas on how I could incorporate a cast and crutches in to my sexy Halloween costume I had planned to wear out this weekend?