It turns out that Faisal Shahzad—the Pakistani-American man arrested after trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square, who is now charged with several terrorism-related crimes and could possibly be linked to the Taliban—has some Colorado connections. But it is unclear whether any of his links to the state matter. Shahzad’s wife, Huma A. Mian, attended the University of Colorado from 2000 to 2004, according to the Boulder Daily Camera, and received a degree in accounting. She is not implicated in the plot, and the FBI is not investigating any connections in Colorado. Mian lived in Aurora before moving to Connecticut, apparently with Shahzad, a recently naturalized U.S. citizen. While at CU, Mian lived in family housing with her two sisters, one of who also received an accounting degree in 2003. Bronson Hilliard, a spokesman for CU, says he cannot say whether Mian was at the school on a student visa; personal information about students is protected by law. A source, who asked to not be named because he was not able to talk publicly about details in the case, tells 9News that Mian moved to Connecticut after graduating and is currently in Pakistan.