James Dobson’s Focus on the Family is withdrawing its accounts from Wells Fargo charging that the bank has a pro-gay agenda.

The Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Christian group told its followers about the move Thursday. Focus on the Family said that a “pivotal reason” the San Francisco-based bank is getting the ax is that its logo was used in a fund-raising campaign for a “fight against the ‘anti-gay industry’ — a group that pro-gay organizations have stated includes Focus on the Family.”

Wells Fargo is trying to work things out with the group, telling it that it also endorses causes supported by Focus. Focus is having none of it.

The Christian group was not mollified and broadened its criticism. Focus on the Family said the parking lot of a Wells Fargo branch in San Francisco “has been home to the infamous ‘Leather Alley’ event at the city’s Gay Pride Festival.” Focus on the Family cites Wells Fargo’s Web site as saying the bank has donated more than $14 million to “pro-gay organizations during the past twenty years.” One of the “pro-homosexual advocacy groups” that Wells Fargo supports is the Human Rights Campaign, Focus on the Family said.

As a 30-year customer of Wells Fargo, I wouldn’t have minded if the bank had just said “good riddance” to Dobson instead of trying to pacify him. For reaction to Focus’ actions, check out author Robert Paul Reyes.