While the Denver Nuggets are moving on to the NBA Western Conference Finals, not everybody is done talking about the conduct of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in the last playoff series. NBA commissioner David Stern told a reporter yesterday that Cuban should have done more to apologize to Kenyon Martin’s mother after telling her that her son was a thug on Mother’s Day weekend, reports the Associated Press.

“I called Mark and suggested he reach out, which I’m reliably informed he did,” Stern said.

That incident led to a toxic environment in Dallas for Game 4 of the series, as recapped in a previous Elevated Voices post. As for the Nuggets, they’re still waiting to see who they’ll play in the Western Conference Finals: The Houston Rockets beat the Los Angeles Lakers 95-80 and sent that series to Game 7 in L.A. Sunday night (via the Los Angeles Times).