The Denver Newspaper Agency, which takes care of business for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, has drafted a letter that says the Rocky will shut down as of March 1.

The date is speculative, but the letter assures advertisers that readers of both papers will continue to receive a paper when the Rocky is gone (a.k.a. the Post). That’s according to a Post story, which raises speculation over the fate of the Rocky. Late last year, E.W. Scripps Co., which owns the Rocky, put the paper up for sale.

The letter’s “mere existence suggests that folks within the agency aren’t hanging their hats on optimistic rumors about a Rocky sale or other scenarios that might allow the tabloid to live for the long term,” writes Westword’s media critic, Michael Roberts.

Meanwhile IWantMyRocky, a website established by the Rocky’s newsroom, writes, “Keep sending your messages of support. But please don’t send flowers, because we’re not dead.”