Denver’s notorious pro-pet persona has made it a hotbed for innovation in the industry. This means that there are tons of new products hitting pet shops across town, and sorting through them all can be a bit overwhelming. Here, we’re highlighting seven leaders of the pack—all crafted by your fellow dog-loving Coloradans.

For Noshing: Anderson’s Natural Pet Food

Anderson’s Natural Pet Food owner Dan Barnet boasts that if a five-year-old can’t read an ingredient, it doesn’t go into the blend. This rule has resulted in a simple, healthy, chemical-free product. The elk, beef, and lamb meat starts at the company’s ranch in Montrose, Colorado, where animals are kept hormone- and steroid-free. Then, Colorado-grown fruit and veggies like zucchini, kale, and apples are thrown into the mix. The health-conscious company also serves up bones and soft chews, for gnaw-crazy pups. Prices vary; Find it at Mouthfuls Pet Store, Chewy’s Bonetique, Pet Station, Luke & Company, Republic of Paws

For Calming Down: Suzie’s CBD Treats

Your pup may be happy-go-lucky, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get stressed out from time to time. These soothing CBD biscuits and tinctures are an effective antidote for your pet’s anxiety (perfect for doggos fearful of thunderstorms, fireworks, or other situational anxieties). The products are made with organic hemp grown on the company’s farm in Fort Collins, which is turned into oils and baked goods. The CBD won’t get your pet high—but it will quell its nerves (and probably some of yours in the process). $19.95 for biscuits, $49.95 for dog tincture; Find it at Dog Savvy, Luke & Company, Quality Paws Natural Pet, JK Grooming

For Walking: Leashes by Liz

Leashes by Liz

These chunky braided leashes are sure to brighten up a dreary morning walk. Available in dozens of colors, Leashes by Liz are readymade for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They’re lengthy (six feet) to give your dog some freedom and come in two sizes, for both tiny pups and larger-sized breeds.The best part? Each end is a clip, so that you can tie it around a fence to keep your pup put, or around yourself so you have an extra hand for a cup of coffee or to send a text. $22.99; Find it at Urban Dogg, A Pet’s Paradise, Luke & Company, Pet Station, Fido’s Grub-n-Tub, Happy Dog Daycare

For Playing: Hear Doggy! Toys

Hear Doggy’s toys are the first of their kind: all the fun of squeaker toys but no annoying sound. The flat and unstuffed toys come with a durable, ultrasonic sound unit that produces squeaks at a decibel only dogs can hear, making these toys enjoyable for both you and your pet. The toys come in fun animal shapes, like deer, rabbits, and flamingos, and you can even order toys with chew guards if you have an extra tenacious canine. Prices vary; Find it at Petco, Urban Dogg, Kriser’s Natural Pets

For Dessert: The Bear & The Rat Frozen Yogurt

Made from goat’s milk and containing no preservatives, this canine confectionery boasts delicious treats for your furry companions. Best served cold after a long day’s walk, these yogurt cups come in four flavors, like bacon and peanut butter and pumpkin and cinnamon, and even contain probiotic cultures to keep your pet’s gut healthy and happy. And since they are made with FDA-human grade ingredients, the treats are safe for you to taste as well (although we aren’t endorsing this). Pints from $7.99; Find it at King Soopers, Quality Paws Natural Pet, Luke & Company

For Sipping: Bowser Beer

Available in three flavors—Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-a-Doodle Brew, and Porky Pug Porter—each canine craft brew contains malt barley, vitamins, and amino acids, as well as beef, chicken, or pork flavors. The non-alcoholic and non-carbonated doggy drink also contains glucosamine to promote healthy joints, and the beer bottles are resealable and recyclable, so you can pamper your pet without any guilt. A three-pack goes for $14.99; Find it at Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Mouthfuls Pet Store, Pets N’ Stuff

For Chewing: I and Love and You

Beloved brand I and Love and You started when employees of a small Boulder pet store wanted to give their own pets raw, healthy food. They started selling the food they made for their furry friends in stores, and their creation became so popular that the employees spun it off into a new company. A year later, the health-conscious pet fare was available in Whole Foods. The company’s dog chews come in tons of flavors—Ear Candy Pig Ear Strips, Good Golly Gullet Stix, Cow Boom! Beef Strips, to name a few—but their ingredient list is limited. You won’t find fillers or grains or anything artificial in the mix. Everything in the chews are marked with a stamp of approval by a holistic veterinarian—so you could say that they’re just what the doctor ordered. Prices vary; Find it at Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Safeway, King Soopers

For(ever): Customizable Clay Sculptures

You can’t bring your dog everywhere, but luckily, sculptor Joan Cabarrus has a solution. Her hyper-realistic pet sculptures are small enough to fit in your pocket or put on your window sill. Originally intended for bereaved owners who had lost their best friend, Ferrer’s clay renderings now adorn jewelry and magnets. Ferrer works closely with pet owners to make sure the essence of the mini-me is translated into the sculpture. And Fido’s favorite squeaky toy or blanket? Don’t worry, she can include these in the works, too, so they can play with them even in the afterlife. $425–$1,225; Visit

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