Yesterday we passed the three-weeks-and-counting deadline until the August 8 primary, which for many candidates could be the only race they have to run. Later this week I’ll update the two big congressional primary races (in Colorado Springs and Jefferson/Adams County), but today, here’s a quick look at some of the more notable primaries taking place in the Denver Metro area…

Senate District 32
We’ll start in central and southwest Denver, where three Democrats are running to replace Sen. Dan Grossman, who is retiring. Chris Romer, Jennifer Mello and Fran Coleman are all running in the primary, and the winner is virtually guaranteed to win again in November in this highly-Democratic district. Romer is thought to have the advantage here on name ID alone (his father is former Governor Roy Romer).

Senate District 24
This seat in the Westminster/Northglenn area is being contested by experienced Democratic legislators Val Vigil and Lois Tochtrop. The primary winner should have a relatively easy time coasting to victory in November because this is a Democratic-leaning area and both Vigil and Tochtrop are well-known in the area.

Senate District 22
Three Republicans are running in this south Jefferson County district that was held by longtime legislator Norma Anderson before she abruptly retired in January. Kiki Traylor is the incumbent, but she faces a tough challenge from Mike Kopp and Justin Everett. The winner takes on Democrat Paula Noonan in this Republican-leaning district.

House District 23
Republicans Ramey Johnson and Pat Holloway are running in this Lakewood/Golden-area district for the right to take on incumbent Democrat Gwyn Green in November. This seat has gone back and forth between Democrats and Republicans for years; regardless of which Republican gets the nomination, it will be one of the two or three most hotly-contested races in Colorado.