Dry British humor, KGB evidence, a clumsy, washed up spy, and wine. This is the combination to see in the final weekend of the Starz Denver Film Festival if you fancy a good British spy epic. Eliminate: Archie Cookson introduces a worn down “linguist” who falls victim to an assassination plot when he receives a pair of stolen tapes revealing murder. As a former British spy, Archie (Paul Rhys) has all the tools to dodge attempts on his life, but he needs to rediscover his passion and confidence. When a friend turned hitman grants him a few extra hours to put his affairs in order, what seemed like a doomed day for Archie develops into a story of rediscovery and finding self-worth.

The story melds together the traditional British comedy, a spy tale, and a look at a man who tries to figure out where his relationships, career, and life are headed. Don’t miss Hector (Freddy Downham) as Archie’s witty son who boasts an equal dose of dry humor. Check out Eliminate: Archie Cookson at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday and 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, both at the Starz FilmCenter.