While it can be fun to imbibe distilled spirits, it’s equally important to consider the ingredients and craft that go into your favorite elixir. On July 10, Whiskey Rebellion brings a wide selection of fine American whiskeys to the Curtis hotel. The mission: for each sip to educate your palate and your mind.

The tasting event comes to us from Eat Boston, an event production company founded by Aaron Cohen, that puts on fetes like Denver Bacon and Beer Festival. “It’s primarily an educational experience,” Cohen says. “A lot of people like whiskey, but they don’t know a lot about it. This is a chance to raise your knowledge dramatically.”

Approximately 20 distilleries from around the country, including Angel’s Envy, Wyoming Whiskey, and Colorado’s own Peach Street Distillers, will showcase products and help guide attendees to a bourbon or rye that pleases their palates. While learning about flavors and varieties, event-goers will also grasp how integral water is to the whiskey-making process.

Cohen teamed up with Water For People, a Denver-based nonprofit working to bring clean drinking water to people all around the world. Together, they remind us that whiskey is 60 percent water. “Distillers are experts about water in their own way,” Jossie Auerbach from Water For People says. “They understand that there is a water crisis and the impact water has on their craft.”

This is your chance to say you drank whiskey with a purpose. Don’t miss the Whiskey Rebellion.

Tickets $37–$75; 6–8:30 p.m.; 1405 Curtis St., 303-571-0300