Dead cows were found along the pastures of Gilbert Dean Schuman’s farm in Logan County, under bales of hay and in a livestock pond. In all, 79 dead animals—along with dozens more head of cattle—were discovered by authorities in an investigation spawned by complaints, according to The Denver Post. “There was everything from bones to newly dead carcasses,” says Joseph McBride, a Logan County Sheriff’s Office investigator. Schuman, 57, is facing 16 counts of animal cruelty. And 16 head of cattle were taken to the Sterling Livestock Commission Company because their immediate welfare was in question, writes the Sterling Journal-Advocate. Several organizations and experts are condemning Schuman’s alleged neglect, including Steve Gabel, president of the Colorado Livestock Association: “The act of compromising the health and well-being of livestock is unacceptable to the members of our industry. Livestock producers have the ethical responsibility to provide the highest care for all animals” (via 9News).