A Denver doctor is fighting to hold onto his license after allegedly prescribing medical marijuana to a pregnant woman without conducting a proper physical exam. CNN writes that the Colorado Medical Board has already ordered an emergency suspension of Dr. Manuel De Jesus Aquino’s license, as an investigation proceeds. While the doctor’s attorney, Sheila H. Meer, promises a vigorous defense, without commenting on specifics, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies says the case is not about medical marijuana. Rather, spokesman Chris Lines claims, “This doctor is way out of line in terms of caring for his patients.” Aquino could become the first doctor in the state to lose his license for writing an improper marijuana recommendation, reports The Denver Post.

Aquino’s case likely isn’t helped by the fact that he’s already facing felony charges in Arapahoe County for allegedly writing marijuana prescriptions to two undercover Aurora police officers without first conducting physicals. The incidents in question all took place prior to a new law that took effect this year requiring doctors to have a “bona-fide” relationship with patients seeking a prescription, a measure meant to cut down on the potential for fraud. Aquino is charged with felony forgery, attempting to influence a public servant, and felony marijuana distribution conspiracy.