In recent years, I’ve become an organic convert, purchasing organic food whenever my budget allows. This year’s find: Door to Door Organics, which delivers fresh produce to my home weekly.

But I confess: I haven’t been as faithful to the organic movement when it comes to wine, mostly because only a small percentage of wine grapes are grown in certified organic vineyards. Plus, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding these wines, with some people claiming the organic label signifies sub-par wines, often produced by wineries looking for a marketing boost.

All this may be changing, however. I recently learned of Jack Rabbit Hill, a Colorado winery that produces high-quality organic and biodynamic wines. Its 2009 Dill Farm Riesling wowed me. The slightly sweet white tastes of warm pears, citrus, and spice, and would pair well with a dry Jack cheese or spicy noodle dish. The 2008 M&N, a red blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier, is equally impressive. It’s smooth, with notes of dark cherry, violet, and coffee, and would nicely complement a grilled pork roast.

Tip: The wines (and others from Jack Rabbit) are available on tap at Mercury Cafe in Denver. Tap wine—like beer—is stored in reusable stainless steel kegs that are easy on the environment and keep the wine fresh much longer than open bottles.