Now’s the time for rich, dark brews that warm us from the inside out. Look no further than Breckenridge Brewery’s newest addition to its nitrogen-charged can lineup: the nitro chocolate orange stout.

Chocolate beers can be hit-or-miss—some are cloying and others are wan—but Breckenridge’s new brew is delightfully different. It gets its deep chocolate flavor from Boulder-based Cholaca‘s pure liquid cacao. It’s liquid form allows the Breck team to add the chocolate at the end of the brewing process, which isn’t possible when using solid or powdered cacao. What does that mean for the brew? No chocolate flavor is lost during the filtering process, and the nitrogen used in canning gives the beer an ultra-decadent finish. It’s a silky-smooth brew with intense chocolate flavor, and the orange—from organic zest—doesn’t overwhelm the roasty, toasty notes.

The nitro chocolate orange stout will be available on tap and in four-packs where Breckenridge beer is sold now through the end of January. We suggest a pint as a indulgent after-dinner treat.