Where do you head for a great Saturday night on the town? Dancing at Lotus or The Church? Cocktailing downtown at Harry’s Bar or Sambuca? Dinner and a play? Or off to a show at Cricket on the Hill?

Huh? Cricket is known for many things — sticky floors, smoky atmosphere, loud local bands, louder patrons, shabby decor – none of which are generally considered desirable qualities. (Okay, loud local bands…maybe.) The place certainly has its share of admirers, however. They don’t go for the atmosphere, or the crowd. They don’t order drinks with more than two ingredients. They go for a cheap beer in a dark corner. And for Denver Joe.

I was once among the Monday night regulars who still pack the space to hang out with Denver Joe, the Cricket’s cranky-cool honky tonk crooner who has held down the Monday night entertainer shift for years. Joe’s voice sounds every bit as smoky and boozy as the air inside the Cricket smells. He swears, he drinks, he grouches at the crowd, and he sometimes actually plays a song all the way through. People love him.

It’s been years since the Cricket was part of my regular weekly itinerary (Monday nights drinking out were much easier in college, no?) but it may be back on the radar shortly. This Saturday night, Denver Joe and the Lovesick Saddletramps take the stage, and I plan to be parked in the darkest corner, cheap beer firmly in hand.

Wanna go? Everything you need to know is right here.