Some of us stalk celebrities; some of us stalk the keynote speakers at the Pepsi Center. I’m stalking the great new politically inclined beers from Colorado’s finest microbreweries this week, and my first find was Avery Brewing‘s Ale to the Chief. It’s on tap at the Falling Rock, (1919 Blake Street, next to Coors Field for you out-of-towners).

Avery is notorious for brewing heavy-hitting barleywines that can put you under the table after your first pint, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ale to the Chief is a bit more mellow. It helps that the pale ale is served on a cask tap; instead of the traditional bitter grapefruit flavor associated with pale ale hops, this beer has a distinct and sweet melon nose and aftertaste.

The beer is brewed by Avery to celebrate Inauguration Day, so hopefully it will stay on tap beyond the buzz of the DNC. However, Avery may inadvertently keep the buzz alive; this seemingly mellow beer tips the alcohol volume scales at 8.75%.