I like how Great Divide Brewery thinks. They see the long, hot days of the convention, and they brew a clean but flavorful pale ale that tasted so good after a sweaty day of schlepping that I just might start calling it Colorado ice tea.

Liberally Hopped Pale Ale is also kind to your fuzzy brain after a long day, weighing in at 6.1%.

Great Divide has only made 75 kegs of the brew, so make sure and grab a pint this week before it taps out.

It’s being poured at Earl’s (1600 Glenarm), ESPN Zone (1187 16th St.), Appaloosa Grill (535 16th St.), City O’ City (for you veggies, at 210 E 13th St.), among other locations. Also, if you want to try the beer at its source, it’s a 10-minute walk from downtown to Great Divide’s Tap Room (2201 Arapahoe St). The tap room hours are Monday-Friday 3-8 p.m., and Saturday from 2-7 p.m. While we were there some protesters came in and eyed us journalist-types, ordering samples of all of Great Divide’s beer.

“So, this is Denver,” one said, and I nodded.

Yup, this is Denver, and this beer is certainly one thing we all can agree on.