Drinking Liberally” is a meetup for liberals that has met with pretty good success across the country. Denver has been added to the list, and beginning this Wednesday, and every other Wednesday thereafter, you can meet and greet and commiserate with your fellow liberals over a beer or drink. Soapblox has the details:

The first (new) meeting of Drinking Liberally Denver will be held this Wednesday the 24th at 7:30pm at Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto, 1632 Market St.

From the press release:

Denver is now Promoting Democracy One Pint at a Time

The ideas that will change the world aren’t happening in a conference room. Change is brewing at the bar on your corner. As of August 24, 2005, Denver will become the 92nd Drinking Liberally location in the country. Across the country, local pubs are hosting Drinking Liberally (www.DrinkingLiberally.org) –an informal, Democratic drinking club where socializing and politics mix.

In the weeks following the November 2004 election, liberals needed a drink…and they needed a place were the grassroots energy of the past 18 months could continue. New clubs sprang up all over the country– especially in the Swing States and Red States. Drinking Liberally now has more almost 100 clubs nationwide (including one in Alaska, five in Texas, three in Kansas and six in Florida) and multiple locations continue to start up each week.