What’s cheaper than a travel club, easier than the health club, and indisputably cooler than the chess club? DS Additions‘ accessory of the month club, which co-owners Samantha Holloway and Danielle Goldyn developed when out-of-towners and busy locals found it difficult to regularly get into the store. Pay $1,000, and over the next six months the Cherry Creek North boutique sends you $1,100 in merchandise. Suddenly, Rebecca Minkoff’s urban leather purses and Suzi Roher’s stylish, artistic belts are arriving in the mail. Don’t worry about receiving an accessory you won’t wear. Upon joining the club, each member fills out a detailed questionnaire so that the boutique knows in advance a client’s handbag or hat preferences. If you still get an item you don’t like, stop by DS Additions and make the exchange. 2432 East Third Ave., 303-322-3531