The Heat is On, the latest state-wide DUI campaign, has resulted in 1,000 arrests since it began on August 17. The program ends Tuesday at 3:00 am. Here’s the website for the program, which currently lists the number of arrests at 1,492. A report with some officers’ comments describing the arrests is here. Police in Teller County stopped 38 cars one night and 25 on two other nights. Police in Montezuma County ended up in a scary episode one night:

Had a vehicle chase. Vehicle was spiked then boxed in after 20 minute case. Driver rammed three patrol cars and almost struck four officers. Shots fired at driver. Driver fled again. Driver rammed another patrol vehicle and went off roadway. Driver was taken into custody. Was found to be shot. Bullet went into back and came out chest. Preliminary blood test was .313. Female Driver was released from hospital and is in jail.

In Douglas County, the Sheriff’s Office published a release stating their intention to respect constitutional rights.

The operation of the sobriety checkpoints will be conducted with the utmost respect for the safety of the officers and officials participating in the checkpoints as well as the motoring public. Priority shall be given to minimize the amount of time a motorist spends at the checkpoint to protect their constitutional rights.

If all this doesn’t give you pause about drinking and driving, consider the cost of a first-time DUI, estimated to be $20,000, which includes:

….the cost of posting bail, vehicle towing, fines and court costs. However, most of the cost is to hire a lawyer and pay higher insurance premiums. It excludes damage to the car, other property damage, or possible medical costs.