Two weeks after the chubbie-hatin’ Anti-Gym shut its doors amid a seizure by the Internal Revenue Service, scores of gym records that could be used for anything from identity theft to blackmail were found in the trash outside, according to CBS4‘s Dumpster-diving reporter, Rick Sallinger, who found information about gay relationships, clients on birth control, breast enlargements, divorces, medications, credit card numbers and more at the 2134 Curtis St. gym known for girls dancing in cages, live deejays, and owner Michael Karolchyk, who simply loathes the fatties.

As noted inPanorama late last month, the Anti-Gym shut down after the IRS seized its assets. Karolchyk, reached in Nevada by phone, insisted that he didn’t leave the records in the Dumpster. The IRS, however, says it did not throw the records away, and neighbors told CBS4 they saw Karolchyk throwing stuff away.

This all leads to one question: Can we trust Sallinger with these found documents and the information they contain? Yes. The documents have been shredded, he reports.