I recently interviewed Dana Miller of Grow Local Colorado, who told me about a particularly special goal of the organization: to inspire all Denver residents to grow something, from a full-blown garden to a pot of basil in the kitchen.

As we continued talking, I thought of the friends who might have trouble helping to fulfill that goal. Some of them frequently travel for work. Others have dogs that eat their sprouting seedlings. And still others are often frustrated by their own non-green thumbs.

Thus was born the idea of a summertime Cheap Thrills series on how to support local food—whether you’re a gardener or not. Throughout the series, I’ll write about CSAs, NSAs, permaculture, garden shares, volunteering, and many other related topics. And for those of you ready to get your hands dirty, I’ll have gardening tips to help you through the summer and into the fall.

Over the course of the series, I’ll be mentioning lots of ways to get involved in the local food scene as a part of our Eat Local, Grow Local, and Know Local Challenge. If you read a post that appeals to you, head to Grow Local Colorado’s website and take their pledge to join the movement to support locally grown food.