Here’s a word I’ve never heard before: Murderabilia. The background: Dylan Klebold’s black BMW was being advertised for sale on Ebay. The seller asserts he bought the car not knowing it was Klebold’s and once finding out, decided to unload it.

The 1982 320i has 144,000 miles, according to the advertisement. What appears to be one of the last bids was for $1,825. Bidding was set to end March 10.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s returned the car to the Klebold family once they determined they had no further use for it. From the article, I infer that the Klebold’s then sold it. (It’s not clear whether they sold it to a car dealer or an individual.) Ultimately, it ended up with the man who put the ad on Ebay. Ebay’s policies state:

“EBay may also, in its discretion and out of respect for the families of murder victims, remove listings of items closely associated with individuals notorious for committing murderous acts within the last 100 years,” according to the company Web site.

There was at least one bidder on the car before the ad was pulled:

California filmmaker Michael Escher said he bid on the car after coming across it while looking for auto parts. “I know that it’s an emotionally charged thing,” Escher said. “But I thought I could get a hold of it and sell it for a lot of money.”