In the September issue of 5280 we take a look at Colorado’s landmark education case, Lobato V. Colorado, in which a group of parents and school districts argue that the state isn’t delivering “thorough and uniform” education, a phrase embedded in the state constitution. The Supreme Court is likely to hear the case sometime this school year and the Court’s decision could fundamentally change how the state funds public education. The implications are dizzying. So, to give your brain a break, here’s something a little lighter: We asked five Denverites to describe their high school experience using only six words. This is what they came up with. How would you describe that time in six words?

1. Tom Boasberg, superintendent, Denver Public Schools

“Football losses, girl trouble, great teachers.”

2. Olav Peterson, co-owner and chef, Bittersweet

“Cooking, ditching, partying, lacrosse, hacky-sack, awesome.”

3. Danielle Anderson, musician, Danielle Ate the Sandwich

“Used wacky socks to express myself.”

4. Jamey Fader, Chef and owner, LoLa

“Science, math, friends, Volkswagen, skating, family”

5. Erik Peterson, brewer, Bull and Bush Pub and Brewery

“Initial introduction to the emotional microwave.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock