I’ve never been thrilled with scary amusement park rides, particularly ones that take you to great heights, drop you fast or twist you around. But I can understand the adrenalin high for you thrill-seekers out there.

Elitch’s today announced the closure of its Tower of Doom ride. The cause: The ride is made by the same company as the one which made the Superman Tower of Power ride in Kentucky. A teenager on the ride had her feet chopped off yesterday.

According to MetroSafe dispatch supervisors, the girl was riding the Superman Tower of Power, which is 177 feet tall and drops riders at 54 mph. According to Kentucky Kingdom, the girl was injured when the ride malfunctioned.

“We seen the cable break loose soon as it got to the top on the right-hand side,” said Chris Williams, who witnessed the event.

Elitch’s deserves credit for acting to close the ride before a similar tragedy occurred here.

“While we cannot comment specifically on the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom situation I can tell you that Elitch Gardens places our top priority on safety. We allocate the greatest amount of resources, time and talent on our safety program. We have shut down our Tower of Doom ride as a precautionary measure until we can get further information the incident that occurred at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.”