Only days after Kobe Bryant’s attorneys said they may seek to move the basketball star’s civil trial out of Colorado, Enron defendants Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling have asked the federal court in Houston to move their trial to Denver, Atlanta or Phoenix. They allege in a 75 page motion they can’t get a fair trial in Houston. Inquiring minds want to know: Why Denver? Do we have more impartial, intelligent, common-sense jurors than other cities? Do Denver residents pay less attention to the news, and know less about the accusations against Skilling and Lay? Or does the Government’s recent loss of the Qwest case have them hoping that Denver jurors are less likely to convict in a high-profile, white collar crime case? Skilling and Lay might want to consider the last time a high-profile criminal case was moved to Colorado. A Denver jury certainly didn’t go easy on Timothy McVeigh.