Yesterday, 77-year-old Marge Goss helped to move things out of the grand old Grace Church building near downtown Colorado Springs. She was among the parishioners who sought to stay in the church after its congregation split from the U.S. Episcopal Church, calling themselves Anglicans. But a court ruling last week found that the church belonged to the Episcopalian loyalists, who went into exile. They’re now moving back in and have renamed the church Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal parish, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette . Meanwhile, Goss is joining St. George’s Anglican Church, a former private school, in the bluffs northwest of downtown. It’s the fourth Anglican Church to be formed in El Paso County in recent years, writes The Denver Post, which notes that hundreds of congregations have left the Episcopal fold over theological differences and the ordination of an openly-gay bishop in New England. Virtue Online reports that roughly 700 congregations are joining together as Anglicans in North America, a new order outside the U.S. church, which is recognized by England’s Anglican Communion.