Eric Skokan, chef-owner of Black Cat, has proven once again that he is one of the area’s most innovative and dedicated chefs. An avid forager and devoted farmer (he grows more than 250 different ingredients at his Black Cat Farm), Skokan teamed up this week with Hank Shaw, a James Beard nominee and author of the recently released Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast (Rodale Inc.) to bring diners a full tasting menu based on local, wild, foraged food.

Working with Shaw and Wendy Petty (a fellow forager who also gathers ingredients for the Pinyon), Skokan incorporated components like monarda, dock, and mallow greens; wild burdock; sumac powder; and “ditch plums” into his own wildly inventive and delicious six-course meal.

The dish of the night was risotto infused with aromatic, second-cutting hay from Black Cat Farm’s north field and earthy wild porcinis. The rich, buttery flavors were held in check with a touch of cranberry-like acidity from freshly gathered hawthorn berries.

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