Jan and Scott deLuise dreamed of a contemporary home that would evoke both the sky and the earth. The atmosphere part was easy for the flying enthusiasts: A hangar for their single-engine propjet is attached to their LEED-certified house, which sits along a 4,720-foot runway in Erie. Honoring Mother Earth, however, was trickier—until Mark Bowers, principal of Denver’s Architectural Workshop, designed a central courtyard to be a private sanctuary with an elemental feel. Its 16-by-24-foot pool is set in limestone that was quarried nearby, and a stone walkway separates it from the adjacent hot tub. When not being used for swimming, the pool conjures the feeling of a natural pond, especially when viewed from the master suite or the open kitchen. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, it’s enough to keep these determined jet-setters grounded (at least, some of the time).