Walk inside the unassuming Hong Kong Barbecue on Federal Boulevard and it’s easy to see why legions of diners have been lured inside. Featured in the heart of the dining room is the star of the Cantonese shop: a large hot box displaying whole, freshly roasted ducks and—if you get there early—a slow-roasted pig.

Owners Sun and Jian Yu’s eight-page menu can be overwhelming, so focus on the dishes from the hot box, namely the shredded roasted duck with dried tangerine peel or the exceptional pork belly with chive. Then, add an order of the shrimp and scallop with broccoli. This perhaps mundane sounding dish comes alive with ideal textures and vibrant greens, a perfect sear on the scallops, and just the right amount of sesame.

In a hurry? Order a whole roasted duck—as is, or deboned—to go.

1048 S. Federal Blvd., 303-937-9088