You might zip right past Kimba Grill, located off of South Santa Fe Drive, if you didn’t know it was there. Nestled in a bustling strip mall, the eatery’s interior is much like its location: unremarkable. But it’s the menu that counts; one glance and you’ll know that this isn’t your typical, Americanized version of Asian cuisine.

The Goi Du Du salad ($6.50) is an excellent example of how Kimba Grill separates itself from the average noodle-bowl joint. Fresh green papaya is shredded into a noodle-like tangle and served with shrimp, pork, mint leaves, and ground roasted peanuts in a tangy but mild vinaigrette. It’s easily enough for lunch, but if dining with a friend, order it as a shared appetizer.

Then feast on one of the signature combos, like the marinated grilled beef bowl (with jasmine rice, brown rice, or rice noodles) served with a crispy egg roll. The large ($8-$8.75) is enough for two, but I suggest ordering two smalls ($6-$6.75) and trying one of the other meat options, such as the lemon-grass-and-chili-pepper chicken. For the bowls, I recommend a squirt of Sriracha and a small drizzle of the tabletop fish sauce.

1470 S. Santa Fe Dr., 303-777-2695