Until recently, the local hunt for Argentine fare led you to Route 40 food truck, Buenos Aires Pizzeria, or Maria Empanada—all of which are cuisine staples. Now you can also add the two-month-old Rincon Argentino, a casual urban cafe that opened in the Village shopping center in Boulder, to the short list.

Christian Saber, the chef and owner of Rincon Argentino, transformed an old Berry Best Smoothies location into a comfortable space with futbol photos on the dining room walls and an open kitchen. Seated at the counter, you can watch Saber fill, fold, crimp, and bake empanadas (pictured). These savory pastries arrive with light, flakey crust and stuffings that include a variety of diced meats, vegetables, and spices. (Don’t miss the gaucho with ground beef, caramelized onions, red pepper, and raisins). Selections of meat-free canastas—essentially open-face empanadas—provide delicious options for vegetarians, especially when topped with chimichurri, asado sauce, or salsa verde.

The choripan sandwich—mild Argentine sausage, lettuce, tomato, and chimichurri on a chewy baguette—is another sure bet. Pair this with Quilmes, an Argentine beer, and finish with a scoop of creamy dulce de leche ice cream.

2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite A-05, Boulder, 303-442-4133