Refreshingly modern, filled with light, and donning a beautiful view are not descriptors commonly used for the strip mall restaurant. But Thailicious, the new creative Thai eatery on the shores of Sloan’s Lake is anything but typical. In fact, Bangkok natives Nithiwadee Anantatho and her husband chef Surachai Surbotsopon claim your visit to Thailicious will be “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.” While that may be hyperbole, there is truth to their statement, as Thailicious offers both design touches and dishes I have yet to see anywhere else in town.

Start with the couple’s keen eye for design that mixes fun with tradition: dozens of charming wicker basket lampshades dangle from the ceiling; there’s a wall of colorful fruit encased in a Bento box-like framework; and a playful silhouette of a Bangkok scene. It all cleverly works—along with a great patio and a view of Sloan’s Lake—to keep you dining in.

And with Bangkok-style cuisine this delicious, you will want to dine in often. Richly layered sauces, ultrafresh vegetables, and perfectly cooked proteins all star in flavorful combinations such as the Khao Mok Gai with strips of chicken marinated in herbs and coconut milk served over turmeric fried rice and topped with a tangy chile-garlic sauce and fresh cilantro. Or try the Thai volcano, which despite the name is only moderately hot, with a rich sesame sauce mixed into glass noodles studded with crisp, stir-fried vegetables and your choice of protein. The basil and chile stir-fry is another don’t-miss dish with imported Thai chilies turning up the heat.

Tip: Pair your fiery entrée with an ice-cold Sapporo or Tsingtao beer rather than the overly sweet fruity cocktails.

2045 Sheridan Blvd., Suite E, Edgewater, 303-237-1237