If the Colorado Board of Health was in the business of public relations, its recent effort to crack down on the proliferation of dispensaries that sell medical marijuana would be considered a disaster. In July, the board decided not to limit the output of dispensaries amid an angry public backlash. The result, it seems, is that people now believe the marijuana-growing business is easy and lucrative. The number of people allowed to use marijuana for medical reasons has grown to 9,000. Shops are even starting to pop up in swank places. In Aspen, a new downtown dispensary called Cooper Street Apothecary opened yesterday, although the shop’s operator declined to provide his name to the Aspen Daily News. The shop sold its first bag of weed within hours. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers tells CBS4 that he’s concerned: “The attorney general can certainly recommend to the state licensing board that they take a look at physicians who are issuing these certifications in mass quantity and in many cases not examining the patient.”