E-coupons are the new black, and my inbox has never been more fun to peruse. Since signing up for Groupon and YoloDeals (which is currently on a hiatus), readers tipped me off to yet another site that offers great deals around Denver: WeeklyPlus.com.

WeeklyPlus, like Groupon, uses a model of collective buying power for some deals, meaning the discount gets better as more people buy a product or service. (For example, if you pay $5 for $10 worth of coffee and enough people buy the deal, you may get $15 worth of coffee instead.) One perk: It doesn’t take a certain number of buyers to unlock a deal; it simply helps the level of the discount.

Some deals simply have a fixed discount. You can check to see if the discounts deepen by hovering your mouse over the different levels featured on a clock graphic next to each deal.

Each day a new deal is released and offered for one week. And having more time decide on a deal takes the impulsive, flash-sale anxiety out of the equation. In a recent week there was a boutique coupon offering $35 for $100 worth of waxing services, a restaurant offer good for $20 worth of food and drinks at Oak Tavern for $9, and $39 for $135 worth of Brazilian ju-jitsu classes.

The site—which was launched last November—is undergoing a redesign in April with the intent of helping users discern which deals progress in discounts through collective buying power and which are fixed.