Former Graland Country Day School teacher Meredith Holland appeared in Denver County Court today for her advisement on 12 felony counts related to improper sexual contact with an ex-student. Everything in the case has been sealed. The Rocky Mountain News reports the incident “occurred at Graland County Day School” and that:

The first alleged encounter came days after Hollen gave the commencement address at Graland.

9News reports, “Police believe the incidents took place between June and August of this year.” In a video segment on their website, they flash a copy of the charges, which state that one of the instances occurred on November 2, 2007. That’s the date she was arrested. Reading between the lines, it appears the police believe there was a inappropriate romantic relationship between the teacher and the student — while school was not in session. According to local CBS News, Ms. Hollen “quit her job at Graland last spring and moved to the San Diego area.” But she was arrested November 2 in Denver. Had she flown in to meet with the former student? Was he setting her up? Did police wire a child? Graland’s initial statement said “The school has not been contacted by any law enforcement agency.” I find it odd that the Denver police completed their investigation and recommended filing charges — and that the District Attorney’s office acted — without contacting the school. Wouldn’t the school have been able to shed some light on the both Ms. Hollen and the student? Or, is there a videotape, a confession, e-mails and text messages that render credibility assessments irrelevant? Her lawyer, Craig Truman, gave this statement:

“When all the facts are known in this difficult and complex case, justice will be done,” said Hollen’s defense attorney Craig Truman.

What does that statement mean? Can we take the lack of assertion in his client’s innocence to mean “something happened?”Of course not — at least not something illegal. But I wish he had said more. Hollen, 40, is married with four children. She was well-liked by her students and respected by the faculty. The tendency will be to compare her to the Washington teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau. The preliminary hearing will be held December 18.