Our April issue doesn’t hit newsstands until Friday, March 30, but we’re giving you a sneak peek at one of 5280’s most unique cover stories ever. For “A Religious Experience,” a story that explores how Coloradans feel about faith and spirituality, we commissioned a survey of more than 400 people living along the Front Range. We asked lots of questions—about things like believing in God, praying, and attending religious services—and received a slew of interesting answers. Here, we give you a small taste of what’s to come.

53% Amount of respondents who say they either definitely would not or are not sure if they would vote for a candidate who adheres to a less-than-mainstream religion or spiritual philosophy.

35% Amount of respondents who say they view Colorado Springs–based Focus on the Family unfavorably.

72% Amount of respondents who are agnostic/atheist who say they were not raised with their current beliefs.

23% Amount of respondents who say they do not pray.

60% Amount of respondents who say they adhere to the Christian faith.