Adult-nightclub operator VCG Holding Corp., which owns the Diamond Cabaret and La Boheme adult clubs in Denver, as well as several other clubs brimming with boobs in Colorado Springs and elsewhere across the nation, is experiencing its own recession struggles. On Monday, Lakewood-based VCG posted a $35.7 million loss in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to the Denver Business Journal, although the business is still profitable, says chairman/chief executive officer Troy Lowrie.

Meanwhile, the wee town of Fleming, located 117 miles east of Greeley on the sleepy high plains that flow into Nebraska, could be the site of a new strip club, writes the Journal-Advocate. Back in Denver, downtown’s Shag Lounge is hosting “Panty Raid” parties every Thursday for snowboard buffs, encouraging the use of a stripper pole for those who are so inclined, according to the Examiner.

And in still other stripper-related news, ex-stripper Rick Rosner, a Boulder native who at one point in his life was quite possibly the smartest man in America (via Westword), is now the subject of ESPN columnist Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report.