After Boulderite Dean Wiltshire and his daughter awoke to news that a grizzly bear had killed a hiker near their site in Yellowstone National Park, the father of two decided to put a little more protection between his family and the great outdoors. In 2013, the software product manager designed and built Colorado Teardrops’ first trailer model, the Basecamp. The camping trailer has a queen-size bed and a galley kitchen, and, at just 900 pounds, it can be hauled by a Mini Cooper. This spring, Wiltshire unveiled a beefed-up family version: The Mount Massive boasts both a queen bed and bunk beds that convert into a sofa, along with the kitchen, in 50 square feet. The insulated cabin also means camping season can extend long after the aspens drop their golden leaves. Each steel-framed trailer (which start at $14,300) can be customized, whether you want a stargazing skylight, a Hobbit-themed paint job, or solar panels. The peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s more than flimsy nylon shielding you from close encounters of the ursine kind? That comes standard.