The Arapaphoe County District Attorneys’ Office has said the reason Brent J. Brents wasn’t arrested earlier was because of e-mails that went to a police officer who didn’t have an e-mail account. In a letter to the editor in today’s Denver Post, a reader asks for the proof, and suggests a cover-up is in the works.

….The excuse for the one-month delay in acting on the child molestation complaint against Brent J. Brents in November was that an e-mail was sent by Chief Deputy District Attorney Bob Chappell to Del Matticks, the lead investigator, notifying him he should take action. Matticks apparently didn’t have an e-mail account, and there was no notification of this sent to Chappell. I would like to see that event reproduced. Failed delivery notification is an automatic feature of all e-mail systems. This is a part of the early coverup of the failure of people to do their jobs properly.

What about the unanswered voicemails? Why wasn’t there a back-up plan in place, a person higher up the chain of command to call if an individual officer didn’t respond? The Arapahoe County DA’s office released this report of what went wrong and to its credit, a plan of corrective measures.