Fall is my favorite time of year. Still satisfied by a long, fun-filled summer, I’m ready to curl up, bundle up, and spend some quality time nesting indoors, enjoying the warm days and cool nights, and preparing for the here-before-we-know-it holiday insanity. I also get this annual — if fleeting — desire to take up some sort of crafty chick project. Last year it was knitting… I made a lumpy pot holder and a rather pretty turquoise scarf. This year, I’m not yet sure what my fall project will be, but I have found the right place to get it started. Fancy Tiger, a funky little craft/music store and hipster haven on Broadway, has a whole slew of cool fall classes. I may go for the “Get Your Sparkle On” jewelry class. Or maybe I’ll move past the scarf stage and go for an intermediate knitting class. Perhaps I’ll be squeaky-clean after taking Soap Making 101. There’s also an Intro to DJing (so cool), embroidery classes, and even sewing classes specifially for men (watch out, Project Runway!). Want to open your own boutique, or turn your purse-making hobby into a small business? They have a class for you. Ditto for oddball topics like making homemade cat toys and bath salts. Just want a place to meet some new people and carve a pumpkin? They’ve got you covered. One thing’s for sure, I know where I’ll be spending my curl-up-and-nest time for the next few months.