Last week, I kicked off our fashion gift guide coverage with presents that’ll only set you back $50 or less. Looking to spend a bit more? These eight ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

For Him or Her: This past fall, Mondo Guerra launched his first collection with SEE Eyewear, a company known for its “hip without the rip” glasses. Guerra’s styles, both sunglasses and specs, showcase his design signatures, with bold colors and graphic patterns. For a lady friend, pick up the glamorous Ginger (pictured). The graphic Nucky (slide 13 on the website) will suit the fashion-forward guy in your life. Bonus: A portion of proceeds are donated to amfAR‘s AIDS research.

Find It: $99, SEE Eyewear, 2800 E. Second Ave., 303-200-1125

For Him or Her: Protecting our gadgets is a necessity in this techy era, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable about it. Enter Gräf & Lantz, a design duo from Germany that combines functional design with high style. Their merino wool felt laptop case with a leather flap marries traditional materials with modern elements.

Find It: $60,

For Her: Don’t just buy her favorite fragrance—give her a way to take it with her wherever she goes with Peacock Parfumerie’s vintage-inspired crystal pendants (available in four colors). Simply unscrew the top to fill with any fragrance—perhaps one from the Parfumerie’s collection of six exotic scented oils.

Find It: Pendant, $37; fragrance, $22;

For Her: Long gone are the days of glamorous and comfortable air travel. Bring a remnant of it back with a Passage Pillow. Made from richly patterned cotton fabrics and packed with synthetic down fill, the cushion easily fits into a carry-on or over an extended luggage handle (courtesy of the elastic strap at the back). The giftee can even purchase a replacement cover once the original wears out from all that circumnavigating.

Find It: $64,

—Image courtesy of David Nadeau

For Her: Stylist and storeowner Sarah Markway has bedecked RusticThread, her new Highland boutique, with well-priced finds fit for a modern gal’s wardrobe. Among my favorites are the richly colored scarves from Denver-based accessory and home decor line Waking Lotus. Pick a swirl of hues and patterns that are compatible with her skin tone (ask Markway for guidance if you’re unsure), and you’ll quickly see the new scarf become her go-to accessory for any occasion.

Find It: $45-$65, RusticThread, 3716 W. 32nd Ave., 303-351-3535

For Her: Finnish company Marimekko has long been known for its cheerful fabrics—brightly colored, graphic patterns that were first produced in the early 1950s. Today, Marimekko’s textiles range from apparel to home decor. For a touch of Scandinavian design, get her the Verso Lumimarja Cosmetic Bag. With its two interior pockets, padded bottom, and coated-cotton exterior, this bag holds it all—and keeps it from shifting around.

Find It: $69,

For Him: Touchscreen gloves are nothing new, but I rarely come across a pair that looks like it was designed specifically for men. Until now. For a more masculine take, try Mujjo’s luxe version in matte Ethiopian lambskin with Egyptian cotton crochet and cashmere lining. Every design feature has a purpose (for example: an adjustable leather strap at the wrist helps create a perfect fit). Plus, the integrated, cutting-edge nanotechnology allows the wearer to use nearly any touchscreen, from the iPhone 5S to the Samsung Galaxy.

Find It: $99,

—Image courtesy of Douglas DC-4 Photography

For Him: If you want to go the more personal route, try a cheeky (pun intended) pair of boxers by Max Holliday, a British designer known for his humorous creations. His recent designs feature woven Liberty of London prints (the pictured boxers have an oriental-inspired version), and an embroidered heart on the fly front.

Find It: $53,

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