cynthia_steffe2 The “It” Factor for Denver: The key to wearing this collection is combinations, so Denver’s fashion-savvy woman will either want to go for a romantic, pink ruffled blouse paired with boyfriend jeans or a girly, floral-print dress under a favorite biker jacket.

The Gist of the Show: This collection works thanks to the solid offering of wardrobe options for the “it” girl. Sweet floral prints are cut into everything from minidresses to short shorts and skinny pants, while ruffles decorate dresses, blouses, and coats alike.

What saves the look from veering into sugary overdrive are the glam extras: crop biker jackets, low-slung metallic skirts, and a couple very cool utility vests.

Look for It Locally: Garbarini, 3003 E. Third Ave., 303-333-8686.