DVF FW09 New York 02-15-09Although DVF is recognized for her famous wrap dresses, it’s her way with pattern, season after season, that keeps her signature look fresh and women coming back for more. For fall 2009, von Furstenberg progresses her use of pattern, creating a great item-driven collection. The Gist: DVF’s muse for fall was the “nomad,” and her cultural mash-up of patterns includes animal and camouflage prints, plaids, knit melanges, and more, all worn together for a multi-layered look. Although the runway styling features such looks as a ribbed shirt under a fur chubby paired with a tiered ruffle miniskirt over animal-print leggings, most women will probably opt to wear only one of those items at a time. But all in all, the collection is a fun, lighthearted, and optimistic take on next season. Look for It At: MAX, 3039 E. Third Ave., 303-321-4949 Neiman Marcus, 3030 E. First Ave., 303-329-2600 More photos from the runway:

DVF FW09 New York 02-15-09DVF FW09 New York 02-15-09