PORTS FW09 New York 02-19-09Tia Cibani always brings an international flair to her collections, and for fall the designer finds herself in India (indeed, it was only a matter of time before the influence of Slumdog Millionaire would be seen in the fashion industry). Dresses and coats in sophisticated pales or bold brights bring her theme home in a modern way.

The Gist: Although there are some ponderous moments in the collection, simplified silhouettes that stay close to the body look best. One successful understated look is a fitted, three-quarter-sleeve white coat with metallic gold seams and a matching gold skirt. In a more overt reference to her theme, a fuschia pink one-shoulder dress is wrapped sari-style.

Look for It At: MAX, 3039 E. Third Ave., 303-321-4949

More photos from the runway:

PORTS FW09 New York 02-19-09PORTS FW09 New York 02-19-09