TIBI FW09 NEW YORK 02-17-09Designer Amy Smilovic’s fall collection is filled with accessible and wearable dresses and separates with novelty details.

The Gist: Smilovic bases her collection on the Russian fairy tale “The Tale of the Firebird,” and it comes through in delicate, folk-inspired prints, as well as items like tunic tops, military coats, and the fur vests, cuffs, collars, and hats that pepper her lineup. But by interspersing the Russian-influenced beading and prints throughout items like a fitted jacket with ruffled peplum, a dress with a scallop skirt, or a wrap blouse all in solid tones, Smilovic is able to keep her collection firmly grounded in the real world.

Look for It At:

Blush, 222 Steele St., 303-399-7779

Chelsea, 935 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-447-3760

More photos from the runway:

TIBI FW09 NEW YORK 02-17-09