As Benjamin Franklin pointed out, there’s nothing certain about life but death and taxes. In Denver, nothing is certain but taxes and FasTracks. The only question is, how many taxes can the region afford?

InDenverTimes provides a clear picture, noting that a possible ballot measure would hike overall sales taxes in six metro Denver cities past the 9 percent mark until at least 2012, when taxes used to build Coors Field and Invesco Field expire. The Regional Transportation District is seeking more funds than initially expected to complete the expansive rail vision along the Front Range.

Meanwhile, the Denver Business Journal reports that it is unclear whether businesses fighting to survive the recession will be able to weather another tax increase. And it seems, unfortunately, that RTD isn’t exercising much fiscal restraint. Although the general manager of RTD asked for his salary and bonus to be decreased, RTD’s board rejected his request, citing their need to honor a contract, according to 9News.

FasTracks moves on, sometimes in unlikely ways. The Denver Daily News reports on an “agreeable end” to RTD’s property grab to make way for the project.